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TTNG: Gustav IV by Bellette TTNG: Gustav IV by Bellette
Saturday morning in Jump city and it was really warm, the summer was near to come and the place have a nice climate to go out and walk.

Ferio reach the Rovias Dojo, Saturday morning and a bunch of kids where training a kendo kata with a wood sword. Ferio was listening to the strong "KYA" coming out of the training group while he approach to Erick Rovias, the owner and sensei of the dojo.
-Hi mister Rovias-
-Oh! Ferio, what a surprise. I think you were bussy preparing the things for the graduation-
-Not at all-
-oh well, I think I'm boring you, Celeste is at the roof as always-
-Thank you Mister Rovias-

Ferio get up to the roof of the academy of martial arts and he saw Celeste pretty lost in the sky, watching the clouds.
-Oh hi Ferio, i didn't see you come-
-It's ok, you look pretty worried-
-I'm thinking in that Gustav boy, I'm pretty worried than a mutant don't show what it is. Is like... lie-
-Some people in not used to see mutants Cel. In some places they still call them freaks, they need to stay hidden to not get attacked-
-That's horrible, do you think he's from that places?-
-Can be, and it can be difficult to him be a mutant in a public world. My family don't have that trouble because they really look like mutants-
-Yes I know-
-C'mon, let's take a walk. Maybe that will going to make you feel better-
-Yes Gar-


The couple walk for a short time to the downtown. They were near the grocerie store they meet Gustav for the first time. For a moment, they saw him go out of the grocerie with a doughnut and a chocolate milk carton.
-Is him Ferio- say Celeste -Maybe this time we can talk to him-
They were coming near him when a car stops in front of him and force the little guy enter. Celeste and Ferio were looking the scene shocked
-He's been kidnap!!-
-Let's go!-
Ferio turn into an eagle and Celeste start to fly to reach the car who took the boy.


Ferio and Celeste look for the car in the sky when they get it in the nearest. When they arrive, the car was crashed near a corner. The couple heard a scream
Ferio and Celeste take a look to the place, the people who took the boy where trying to hide in the trash cans while the boy was lifting them with some kind of electric aura

Ferio and Celeste took a breath of what they saw. One of the guys try to shoot him, but he stop the bullets with the electric aura and squeeze them till the gun powder reach the floor.
-Magnetism, that's how he make the soda machine fuction. He has magnetic powers- say Ferio in low voice

Like if Gustav heard him, he quickly move his head to his direction. His eyes were glowing in a weird yellow color. A trahs can start to lift while he was watching the couple and the people who take him use that opportunity to escape
-I don't care if your parents are rich anymore! You are a freak and I don't want to deal with you!!!- say one of the guys while running

The police reach the place quickly and take the guys under arrest. Ferio and Celeste were just watching everything while Gustav take his powers of
-What happend??- ask one of the officers
Before Ferio or Celeste could say a word...
-They save me- point Gustav to the couple
The police man smile and mess Ferio's hair
-Your parents must be proud of you two-
-But we don't do anything!-
-Don't be modest. I saw that cool powers of yours and how you retain the people who capture me. You're nice at fight, belive it- say the young Gustav

Ferio and Celeste know what he wants to hide. When the police go away. Ferio took a breath and look over the place Gustav was... he dissappear again, leaving the couple alone
-He must be pretty ashamed to be called a freak-


The Rovias dojo finish their Saturday session and the people where leaving, leaving the Rovias matrimony alone. A second passed when a couple enter making the door bell bling.
-I'm going to recive the costumers darling- say Starfire kissing Erick forehead while she comes to the entrance -Welcome to the Rovias dojo. Do you want to start a session in our training spot?-
-Dear, you don reorganize me??-

The tomboy mexican accent make Starfire heart bump
-I can't belive it... MAMA ROSA!!-
Star glomp the woman while her husband was sweatdropping, it was so much time ago she saw her for the last time
-I saw you in the bussines magazine! I can't belive you and Micron get that progress. It was so much time ago since the last time we saw you-
-Well, I'm back here and I'm planning to put a "rancherita" restaurant and office here-
-That means you're moving back here???-
-Pretty like it-
-AWESOME!! mama Rosa, i can't belive you're back after all these years-
-Please, don't get to over emotive around her, she can be arroused- say Micron pretty angry

Rosalva wake up of the floor and Star wide her eyes when she saw her tummy
-You're... You're pregant!!! Mama Rosa is going to be mama!!!-
Erick reach the scene and sweatdroop to when he saw his wife get hyper
-Mama Rosa??- ask Erick
-You don;t know why she calls her like that? When she used to work for the titans, Rosalva use to cook for them, make their laundry and take care of them like they where their babies. That's why Star call her mama Rosa-

-OMG OMG OMG!!!- say the hyper Starfire -You're pregant! Is so exited!!-
-Is my second one-
-Your sec... oh that's right. You don't present us your older boy, Gustav...-
-You're going to meet him soon or later. He's the main reason I'm moving, i want him to enter to the Bruce Wayne academy-
-I thought you don't want your children become heroes...-
-As I, I know... But he's pretty insecure about his mutant powers and he needs to get some motivation. Like the motivation you give me. I'm going to bear a new child and he/she will going to be a mutant too, maybe they need know there's people like them too-
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AuranianTitan Featured By Owner May 13, 2008
looks like Cel's gonna have some mentor duties with Gustav.

They both have alot in common about being insecure with their powers, Cel would be a great role model having gone through it herself. :glomp:
Bellette Featured By Owner May 13, 2008
It's what i was thinking when i make this story XD
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner May 13, 2008
Great minds think alike :w00t:
BeastboysGurl4ya Featured By Owner May 11, 2008
Bellette Featured By Owner May 11, 2008
Maybe with Celeste, Rosalva is pretty sure her boy is insecure about his powers, but she don't wants to him to become a hero XD
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner May 13, 2008
Why not, Cel wasn't thrilled with going the Hero path but she is now on her desition.

Why wouldn't Rose let him got that path if he wanted to?
Bellette Featured By Owner May 13, 2008
Is the principal problem Gustav affront with his mother. Rosalva have a bad past having mutant powers, her own parents abandone her for that statement (In "gate" the things go worse, but i will not tell you what happend XD).

Rosa know that her son is a really insecure kid, he's really short and he was called freak a lot of times without showing mutant powers. She knows her son is sad about that and she always told him to hide his powers like if they were a ill -_-U. You can get it how it feels, Rosalva is like Erick's mom XD
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner May 13, 2008
I understand that alright, Erick's life wasn't a day of wine and roses either...but maybe someone can convince that being afraid of who you are is not the right thing to do, but acceptance and showing the public that you have pride in who you are is the way to go.
Bellette Featured By Owner May 14, 2008
Mehe! Just wait a little bit and see what happend Xb
AuranianTitan Featured By Owner May 14, 2008
Oh boy ^-^ I can't wait :w00t:
12liza12 Featured By Owner May 10, 2008   Writer
Awsome work Keep up the great work
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